Ramsbury & Aldbourne Bowls Club

Opening Times and Green Care

The Bowling season stretches from Mid-April to Mid-September.

At the beginning and end of the season actual start and end dates tend to vary depending on the weather. However, unlike cricket play can continue in light drizzle if necessary.

Each member is provided with access to the club house and green so play can be at any time, generally afternoons or evenings. But not during times when the greenkeepers are maintaining the green which normally takes place during mornings.

Ramsbury Rink Rotation Method

During the season it is very important that the six rinks which the games are played on are constantly moved to different positions to ensure even wear of the green.

As well as different positions up and down the green, games are also played across the green.

The Ramsbury Rink Rotation Method (RRRM) has been developed by R&A Bowls Club member John Lafford to achieve an improved result from a new method of Rink Rotation. Full details are available for interested parties by clicking the following link – RRRM 

General Green Maintenance

Throughout the summer the green maintenance is carried out monthly by contractors and is regularly cut to a precise length by volunteer mowers to ensure the optimum playing surface. Throughout the year a team of volunteers also regularly “swishes” the green when dew is present in the mornings to help prevent disease.

During the winter period the green is maintained and prepared for next year’s playing season.

Shortly after the close of the season the green is treated with up to 6 tons of top dressing.

Within a short time, it is back to its normal green colour and for the rest of the winter it is checked for any signs of disease which needs treating and cut to specific lengths to ensure it is in prime condition for play in April.

Green Maintenance

The Green after top dressing is applied at the end of the season.